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Who Invented Freecell? The Story of its Creation

Written by Anna on July 07, 2024

Paul Henri Alfille might not be a name you recognize, but if you've ever spent countless hours glued to your computer screen playing Freecell, you owe him a big thank you...

How Playing Freecell Can Enhance Cognitive Skills

Written by Anna on June 05, 2024

Our online Freecell game isn't just a fun way to pass the time. Regularly playing games like this can actively improve mental functions such as memory, strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and much more...

Freecell Unique Deals and Winning Odds

Written by Anna on May 24, 2024

For the enthusiasts of numbers and games, Freecell stands out in the solitaire card games family due to its high probability of winning and the vast number of potential deals. Theoretically, a deck of 52 cards can be arranged in...